eye of God
“Candace has been a Godsend! Her coaching techniques help me look at things through a fresh and new perspective. Sometimes our sessions can get deep, but I always feel safe and pretty darn good afterwards. I really appreciate her positive action steps that I can implement into my real life. And, she always reminds me to take care of myself! Self-care is awesome!”  – Jen M

coaching from the heart

“When I was thinking about a new career, Candace helped me look at the possibilities from different angles. She gave me insight and helped me identify the tools I could use to make the change. She helped me understand that I am the source of my life and my choices, and that I have to be true to myself.” – Elan L

peace faith unity“So far I have had three sessions with Candace and the John of God Crystal Bed. Each session has been different, connecting to different parts of my being. The sessions last for almost an hour, but it feels like only 10 minutes! I always leave feeling calmer, more centered, and more connected to my intuitive self. In my last session, some control issues kept playing over in my head. I wondered what that was about. But the next day they were gone and I didn’t feel the need to control anymore. I look forward to my next sessions. Candace always makes me feel totally safe and loved!”  – Vicky G

healing hands for chakras“Crystal Bed Therapy is a very new concept for me. I do not follow typical religious beliefs, but do believe in a higher power. I went into my first session knowing very little about the process and about chakras. The experience for me was very interesting because I had a sensation on the top of my head throughout the session. Afterwards I discussed this with Candace and she explained about the crown chakra being the spiritual connection to God. The rest of that day I was very peaceful and very happy. I will definitely be continuing sessions with Candace to explore more for my life and highest good. Thank you Candace!”  – Deb J

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