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Chakra Healing Sessions

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Chakra Healing is a non-invasive healing modality that provides rejuvenation, alignment, and balancing of one’s personal energy fields (chakras) which assist in the process of overall healing; great for anxiety, depression, stress, low energy, fatigue, or distress of any kind.

Chakra Healing is a spiritual treatment that uses colored light beams focused at chakras through seven very pure quartz crystals. The alternating lights produce a balancing effect on your energy body as you lay with your eyes closed and listen to soft relaxing music. During a Chakra Healing the client’s chakras are cleansed, balanced and re-energized.

When chakras are balanced all other aspects of the Self become balanced as well, whether it be emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. Left untreated these aspects may result in disease, dis-ease, and the creation of challenging life experiences.

People who have had Chakra Healing sessions with me have reported some of the following healing benefits:

  • Connection to loved ones on the other side
  • Guidance on how to best deal with their life challenges
  • Insights into the cause of their illnesses
  • Feelings of profound energy with greater focus and clarity
  • Greater inner peace and overall sense of well-being
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Greater insight into their future life direction
  • A deeper understanding of themselves
  • More profound relationships with their own spirit guides/Source
  • Increased healing in the psyche and body
  • Increased healing after surgery
  • Greater ability to receive intuitive guidance
  • Increased feelings of wholeness after a breakup, divorce, or loss
  • Feelings of empowerment

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