Momentum Energy Coaching

Home/Work Space Clearings

Homes and workspaces hold onto energy, both positive and negative. Over time, the negative energy can affect day to day life, create fear or dis-ease in children, pets, and one’s overall health.

A clearing may release a space from any and all, past and present negative energies. There may be low frequencies of energetic debris including, but not limited to, divorce, fear, violence, anger, frustration, death, teen angst, drug use, depression, anxiety, etc. – all lend to an energetic mix that create negative patterns in the space, and allow an environment for lower frequencies to dwell. By removing unwanted and unintended energy we attempt to create a much higher frequency and an invigorating, life affirming energy in the space. Even if the emotion or event took place years ago with prior occupants, spaces hold onto the energy they were exposed to and these interferences can lead to energetic imbalances perceptible to the current resident.

I can perform home and workspace clearings in person, or remotely. Please contact me for pricing.

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